Your mind is your greatest asset, DON’T LOSE IT!

Throughout the past week I’ve been having many ideas and have been waiting all week to pen my thoughts down here on this blog. Life in army has been a breeze so far and it gives me a lot of time to read and to think about plans I can embark on. I have started on a new book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and have been reading voraciously. This is seriously not just a book that you read. It’s like a manual and textbook that teaches you lessons straight in the face, rather than having to infer. I would recommend anyone who wants to expand their minds to consider this as their next read!

Firstly, some updates:

In the past week, UMS made good progress, broke resistance and hit my 0.58 target on Thursday, 27/11/2014. Unfortunately, I remain undecided on whether I want to sell it or not. If I had 10 lots, I would have definitely considered selling 5 lots. But I only have 5 lots now. It’s not economical to half my position. However, because of this, I thought of creating a table to calculate my cost-benefit, which I am working on right now. I’m quite excited to see if it’ll help me along the way of my financial journey. On a side note, UMS is currently trading CD, will be Ex-Div on 3 Dec.

Cityspring on the other hand, has created a flag in the past week. What remains is to see if there’ll be a bull flag breakout. Also, I received my $98.40 dividend from Cityspring this month! 🙂

This week I also made an additional $5 from my surveys, totaling the amount I have received to $15. (Leave your details if you are interested:

My thoughts for the week:

Throughout the week I’ve been thinking about finding ways to meet my financial goals and targets I have set for myself:

My 2015 Financial Goals

1) Achieve networth of $35k

2) Dividend income of $200/mth -> Requires 30k with 8% yield

3) 5k in cash to take advantage of opportunities that comes my way and for rainy weathers.

These goals I set for myself cannot be achieved if I live life passively. I believe that goals should be kept out of reach, but not out of sight. These goals, however, can be achieved if I actively find ways to create extra income. I personally do not spend a lot, that’s why I’m focusing on assets instead of reducing expenses. My mind is my greatest asset and I don’t intend to lose it while serving the nation. I want to keep thinking and stretching my mind to think about ideas.


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