A trip to the library!

It’s been an extremely long while since my last visit to the library to borrow a book back home. Probably 15 years ago when I was extremely interested in owls. That was my last recollection of the books I borrowed in library.

Fast forward 15 years, I paid my visit to the library again and decided to borrow some books home! Initially I went to the library in search of books on Venture Capital Funds and how to start one. To my disappointment, I couldn’t find it from the creator of VC fund’s point of view. Nevertheless, I browsed through the myriad of collections of business and financial books. One that particularly caught my eye was “High Probability Trading Strategies” by Robert C. Miner. Just 5 pages into the book and I knew I had to take down notes from this book!

Through this book, I hope to pick up valuable insights and ways to fine-tune my existing trading strategy as well as open myself up to new strategies that opens up my eyes to “see” buying opportunities.

Only at page 27 of the book and I just felt the urge to share it immediately!

Update: Finished reading this book on 12th Feb, and I must say, I have so much more to learn! So many different strategies taught and I’m going to start back-testing them and implement them to enhance my trading strategy! Definitely not disappointed with this trip to the library, already looking forward to the next visit! Hopefully I can land my hands on another good book!


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