Books Sharing

I’ve created a new section on my blog (It’s on the menu on the left!) to share books among readers! I understand that sometimes it’s hard to grab hold of some books or it could be too costly for some. Learning should not be limited by the issue of cost and I wish to promote free learning. Some of us may have obtained books that others want or is looking for books to read and have something in exchange to offer. Thus I created this section to promote Books Sharing!


I created this section as a place to share/trade books/ebooks with fellow readers like yourself who may have books that I’m looking for or have, to suggest and share with me!

In exchange, I am offering my books up for grabs! (They are in PDF form)

Please leave a comment if you have any books to suggest to me! Or alternatively, email me at

Books I’m Looking For:

Jeff Sun

High Probability Trading

Robert Herjavec


The Will To Win


Technical Analysis Explained – Martin J Pring

Money, Master The Game – Tony Robbins

The Millionaire In You – Michael Lebeouf

The Millionaire Next Door – Stanley / Daniko

Fail Fast, Fail Often  – Ryan Babineaux and John Krumboltz

A Random Walk Down Wall Street – Burton G Malkiel


Books I Have:

Robert Kiyosaki

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Kid Smart Kid

Cashflow Quadrant

Freedom From Bad Debt

Managing Your Money

Midas Touch

Retire Young Retire Rich

Unfair Advantage

When Genius Failed

Who Took My Money

Guide To Investing

Napoleon Hill

Think And Grow Rich

Law Of Success

Outwitting The Devil


The Big Short – Inside The Doomsday Machine

Liar’s Poker – Michael Lewis

The Art Of The Deal – Donald Trump


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