Invest with a peace of mind

For the past month and 2 more months forward, I won’t have much time to watch the stock markets let alone my stocks performance. But this realisation that I don’t have the opportunity to keep track of how my stocks are performing forces me to do better research and not allow the daily fluctuations to waver my convictions towards holding my stocks for the long term for their dividends.

So both my stocks, UMS and CitySpring have been doing rather well lately and I’m really glad it has finally come to some fruitation after all the waiting. But more importantly, I felt that my research and patience in finding stocks have somewhat paid off because now I have an ease of mind that I can focus on my training in Army while they continue to do their thing and prove that my research was right.

In the meantime, I’m doing a lot of reading and learning in camp whenever I can and I’m positive that when I’m able to spend time with the market again, I will be better!

This experience taught me that although research can be time-consuming, it compensates you with a peace of mind. Note to self: It’s worth the time! 

You can read about my research on UMS and CitySpring here:

In-depth review of UMS

The Spring that came alive! – CitySpring


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