My SGD$34M Dream

We all have dreams, be it big dreams or small dreams. Personally, I choose to dream big, very big. Some may say “it cannot be done” or “it’s not practical”. But nevertheless, I will still take my chances. It does take courage to dream big, and I believe that whatever the mind can conceive, it can be achieved! I will attempt to put a dollar value to my dream in this post and see what it takes and how much my dream would cost.

The Dream
Before we begin calculating the cost, we need to know as specific as possible what exactly we want. A chief definite aim, as Napoleon Hill constantly emphasises.

1) Accumulation of Wealth
2) Assembly of Master Mind
3) Aloypro Empire
4) Acts of Kindness

Accumulation of Wealth
The wealth here includes both monetary and non-monetary. In monetary terms, I want to achieve SGD$34M in net worth with stretch goals upon hitting this milestone. Perhaps you might wonder why $34m, such an odd number. Honestly, it’s a number that appeared to me and what I believe I am worth. Recalling back on my first few days in poly, the CGPA of 3.89 randomly came into my mind as my end goal for my study in Poly. Initially it seemed like a pretty crazy GPA to attain since I was expecting myself to get something like 3.0 but nevertheless I took the courage to dream big and take one step at a time. To finish off with 3.95 came as a nice surprise. Would be an even nicer surprise with the $34M haha!

Assembly of Master Mind
The concept of a Master Mind group may be unfamiliar with many who haven’t read Napoleon Hill’s books but basically, it is a group of minds that cultivates a friendly alliance with a common purposeful goal that is shared among the group. I am actively seeking out potential members to include into my Master Mind and the assembly of this group will be a vital step towards my next goal – The creation of my empire.

Aloypro Empire
Forgive the name for I haven’t been able to come up with a better name. The idea behind this empire draws its purpose from my parents teachings, particularly my father who every once in awhile reminds me, “Don’t work for money, make money work for you.” This sentence has been following me ever since I heard it about 3 years ago, it has left a huge impression on me. The effects can be seen in my habit to save and invest and learn not to throw good money at bad stocks. (Conduct ample research before buying into a company)

To create Aloypro Empire and allow it to reach its full potential would I believe, take about 30 years. Aloypro Empire will start off as a trading team comprised of my Master Mind group, specialising in different markets and asset class. I am actively seeking out potential members to join this group and the search is ongoing and will carry on for many years with some adjustments in the team, if need be. Performance will be tracked and recorded. When the results show itself to be profitable and sustainable, we will turn our personal funds into a open fund for investors or corporates to join. After which, a department with the purpose of acquiring companies will be set up. The department will go through very stringent analysis of companies where I will have to hire successful investors to handpick the companies out. The companies chosen will be companies that are likely to be in the growth stage or start-up (where we will act as VC) that can offer us multi-fold returns with the ability to acquire smaller businesses when they mature.

In the time period between now and when the Master Mind group is first completed, I will be gaining all the experience I can find, to sharpen my trading skills, management skills and building network. This could take anywhere from 10 to 15 years.

The reason for Aloypro Empire is also for my family. I want my children to lead a life where they are free to pursue their interest and ambitions without having to worry about what should not matter, money. I want them to “Love what they do, and do what they love” without money being the priority because their wealth will not be measured in dollars if they should choose not to be measured by it. Instead, their wealth will be measured by how happy they are and how many lives they can touch and make a difference.

Acts of Kindness
In return for the knowledge, experience, opportunities and blessings I have received from others or from any other sources, I will return the favour by teaching, sharing and blessing others the same way how I have been taught, shared and blessed by, in multiple folds.

What I believe in:
1) Education
2) Lifelong learning
3) Investing
4) Master Mind

These will be the four pillars where my help will be rendered out to, remembering never to turn my back on anyone who seeks help earnestly and sincerely.

In return for the opportunities to work with people and scholarships I have received, I will devote a part of Aloypro Empire to cultivating opportunities to people who seek them, bursaries to help the poor and scholarships to groom talents to join Aloypro Empire.

Opportunities will come in many forms, including job positions, competitions, monetary rewards, etc.

Throughout my 13 years of education so far (Primary school to Polytechnic), I have been receiving monetary awards, bursaries and scholarships. These monetary blessings have built up and made it possible for me to pursue my ambitions by giving me a sizeable war chest to invest and to pursue my ambitions. I strongly believe in education and lifelong learning and I want to nurture anyone who is keen to learn and have great ambitions, never stopping their learning process, whether 20 or 50 years old. Nobody should ever have to worry about the cost of education. I believe learning should be fun rather than a financial burden for just a piece of certificate. The word education means to ‘educe’, to draw from within us to keep learning, not just to be qualified. It would cost too much to simply be qualified, but retrospectively, it’s a small price to pay when it sparks off a chain of never ending learning. The worst thing to do is to leave the education realm and stop learning altogether. The purpose of education is then defeated if it doesn’t lead to the hunger to want to learn more, no matter where you are.

Cost breakdown of dream

What now lies ahead of me is University and I only have one more year to secure a full scholarship for my 3 years in NBS. A cost breakdown for University would look something like this:

School fees: $8850
Hostel: $2250
Total: :11100
Grand Total (3 years): $33300

Misc expenses:
Laptop: $2000
Textbooks: $1000
Food: $7200 ($200/mth)

I should expect to spend about $45000 in the 3 years in NBS.

Ordinary: Nil (Part-time?)
Dividend: $3000 ($1000/yr)
Allowance: $14400 ($400/mth)
Trading income: Variable

Here I list down some of the ways my education can be financed:
1) Scholarship
2) Parents
3) Bank Loan
4) Part-time job

I won’t give up on my full scholarship pursuit. I know I have what it takes and I won’t shortchange myself! However, I have also considered other options in case my stubbornness doesn’t pay off. As much as possible, I want to not burden my parents financially as much as possible. So although I know they will help to finance as much as they can, I try my best not to touch their retirement fund. The third option, taking up a bank loan, also the most common option, is a likely option if I do not secure a scholarship. Lastly, it would be a combination of a loan and a part-time job. However, I am rather against this option because should I choose to study, I want to give it my 100% focus than to have to juggle here and there which might in turn have detrimental results.

University will be a very good time to expand my network and get to know people who have similar interest as me and continue my search for Master Mind members. I haven’t gone into detailed thinking regarding where I want to land up in, but it is likely to revolve around the finance sector, either fund management or prop trading. I’m fine with either because I think it likely that I will end up in both at some point in my life as I will require the skills from both sides.

Just a little bit of sharing on my plans in life for my future reference and hopefully spur you to think about your dreams if you haven’t. If you already have a dream you’re pursuing, what’s your dream? I would love to hear them! Do leave it in the comments section! ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “My SGD$34M Dream

  1. Your article strikes a chord with me because I have goals similar to yours. I too want to be wealthy, or rather, financially free (I don’t think I can earn that much by doing what I love, which is being a nurse). I also yearn to earn and save enough so I can give back to society. Let’s work hard towards our goals!
    What’s really commendable is that you are so financially wise even at such a young age. I regret that I didn’t mature earlier but I’m happy I got here soon enough.
    Wish you all the best! No dream is too big (:


    1. Hi Susan, no dream too big indeed! The thing about wealth is that it need not be material wealth, being able to do what you love every day is something not everybody is lucky enough to be able to do! Personally, I feel that that’s true happiness. Wealth is happiness in what you do and enjoying what you have ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’ve been very blessed to be around many wise people who have guided me along the way and if there’s something I learnt, it is to make the conscious effort to be around these people and we can build one another up!

      I’m glad you got started and remember, it’s never too late! Indeed it’s better late than never and I’m confident we will be able to achieve our goals as long as we keep trying! ๐Ÿ™‚


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