A New Beginning

So I finally completed my training phase in army and now I’m an operational commando. The 72km route march taught me many lessons as I took another step, and another step, and another step. To finally don on the red beret gives one a very special feeling because it’s not just a beret. Looking at it, I think about all the various milestones I have been through the past year and how I have grown. 

The march was a significant milestone, not only in my army life, but also in my personal life as well, especially financially. Now that I’m a little more free, I can begin investing and properly trading the markets again, especially the U.S. market! I’m very excited to finally be able to apply the lessons I have learnt from reading and can’t wait to learn more! 

I’ll be opening my account with ThinkOrSwim and will be exploring the use of Options and trading US market. Definitely a lot to learn and I hope to find helping hands along the way! 


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