Safest when it all seems most dangerous..

To start off, I think I’m not the only one experiencing conflicting emotions. One side of me is excited about the shopping season for stocks that’s coming, but the other side of me is feeling jumpy that my portfolio is dragged down by the negative sentiment as well.

I constantly have to remind myself not to think too much and get so jumpy over market fluctuations. It happens. And as an ‘Intelligent Investor’, as Warren Buffett would describe, we should embrace it and even be glad that the opportunity comes when we can buy even more of the great companies that we have picked at a cheaper price! To be perfectly honest, it’s tough. Every company has its weaknesses and flaws that can make averaging down a difficult choice, not knowing how long the market can stay irrational.

However, after reading Intelligent Investor, I am reminded one truth that is very applicable in this period, or maybe the period to come. It goes along the line “The crash has taken out most of the risk along with it”. I think we forget that far too often, and with a manic-depressive market, indeed, it’s an opportunity to buy!

I’m lucky that I’m still young and will be able to participate in the next depressive market period. The only question is ‘When?’

Update on 2015 Financial Goals

As of now, I’m about 95% through my 2015 Financial Goal in terms of networth, but I’m thinking of pushing back the $200/mth goal for now, not when the market is like that. When the opportunity presents itself, I’m going to strike!


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