“The sky is falling!! The sky is falling!!”

Anybody remembers Chicken Little?

Though I’m facing paper losses from all these madness, I’m surprised with myself that I am able to stay emotionally detached. I don’t know what exactly changed in me the past 2-3 years of trading/investing, I might have finally achieved emotional stability.

Despite the onslaught in the market, I remain optimistic about the future. Though it all looks dismal right now with market closing 127 points down, I set my sights on the far future while having the quiet confidence that my current portfolio will not totally crumble.
There’s so much pessimism in the air and I think everyone needs a little encouragement and optimism. “It might not be that bad!” Every time the market tanks, it always finds a way of recovering. It doesn’t matter how many times you lose, but you lose your chance of financial freedom once you quit the game!

My lecturer once said this and I firmly hold onto it even after my graduation – “It’s okay to lose a battle, but don’t lose the war!” Sure, we may be beaten a couple of times, but the loots of the war will outweigh the small losses along the way!

Does it matter if you look back and see the times you have been defeated, after you’re financially free? It doesn’t. Instead of worrying and being paralysed, why not look for the opportunities that are unfolding themselves in the present moment? A 50% decrease in share price now means a 100% increase in share price when price simply recovers, not even considering when it exceeds its previous high!

Hang on, it’s getting rough ahead! “And this, too, shall pass.”


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