The Elusive Chase

Recently I started having thoughts on money in general. I look around, there’s always a need for more money. Money to buy this, money to buy that. I then question myself as I look ahead of my life, “What is it that you are truly chasing after?” To be honest, I don’t really know. I’m 21 and my whole life is ahead of me yet I haven’t figured out why I’ll be working all my life for money. I’ve been reading books on success, books that revolve around the topic of money, but I still don’t know why I want money.

I ask myself a lot of questions.. “Why do I want money?”, “Why do I want to be prosperous?”, “What do I want to do with money?”. Ultimately, I question myself if I’m setting my eyes on the wrong prize, or in fact, any prize at all? I don’t know about you, but I think this is a question worth pondering.

If it’s happiness I’m after, I don’t have to be rich to be happy, because I’m already happy.

If it’s satisfaction I’m after, having more money doesn’t seem to satisfy me because it’s not doing much for me.

If it’s achievement I’m after, there are so many other achievements I can achieve without having more money.

If it’s comfort I’m after, wouldn’t being contented suffice?

What are we chasing after? What are YOU chasing after?


4 thoughts on “The Elusive Chase

  1. I am chasing after the dream of retiring early. In modern society, almost everything is tied to monetary value. We have to work to pay off housing loans, education for our children, living expenses.

    It is hard to settle down by saying I am satisfied with what I am earning currently as Singapore is the most expensive city to live in. Probably the increase in transport, GST over the next upcoming years will hit us. Wages do not increase at the same pace. This is probably also why we are always chasing after money.
    Of course, this is only my personal view.


    1. Hi there, that’s a dream indeed worth chasing after. Work hard now so we don’t have to work hard all our lives.
      I definitely haven’t focused on my reason for working hard, but early retirement seems like a good start. Have you considered what are you going to pursue after retirement though?


  2. Hi Aloypro,
    Great to ask oneself that question. Motivation is everything.
    For me one of the good traits of money is that it gives me control over time. And control over our time is the biggest lever on the path to happiness.
    Of course one important step on that path is being financially literate and knowing how money works. This will certainly help us to improve our overall quality of life (subject to ones personal definition).


    1. Hi Tacomob, glad to hear from you again! You always have the wisest words, and your background gives so much credibility to your words!
      I agree, having money gives you control over time. We live our lives trading our time for money while the business owners trade their money for people’s time to build their businesses faster.

      Thanks for the wisdom!


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