It Takes Courage To Dream

(This was actually a post I wrote on 16 August 2012 in my Facebook note, and I thought it was worth sharing.) I’m actually very glad I wrote a post like that back in 2012. These are short notes that I write to the future me(now), and there can be no greater teacher to motivate us, than ourselves! I hope that by sharing this article, it will inspire you to action and awaken that sleeping giant within you to grab hold of your dreams!

A choice between being a candle and a flame.

A candle can only burn for a duration of time determined by the length of the candle, having a fixed potential. But a flame is different. The flame holds unlimited possibilities. The flame can merely burn the candle out and lose its flame, or it can spread its flames to other candles, or even burn out the entire forest. Too often we are living our lives thinking that we’re a candle. We are limiting our potential to just one candle when it could have been a flame that could set an entire forest ablaze. If the possibilities in life are endless, why are we thinking ourselves as a mere candlestick?

We need to stop thinking ourselves as a candle. – One that has limited potential.

And start thinking ourselves as a flame. – One that has unlimited potential.

Potential. It is the butterfly in the caterpillar, the flower in the seed. We all have potentials, but how great is our potential? Are we setting limits on ourselves because society tell us that we cannot? What kind of limits are we setting on ourselves when we don’t even know where our fullest potential lies in?

Too often we limit our dreams and aspirations as to how big they should be. People constantly tell us that we have to be realistic in our dreams, but it is this very mindset of realism that cause many of us to fall short of our full potential. Why should realism play any part in our dreams? Aren’t dreams a place of limitless potential, a sense of freedom from the norm and a source of hope? Society has groomed us to make our dreams into a reality. That is good, really. However, the blame shouldn’t be on society, but on us. Why are we so short-sighted in our dreams? Why are we reaching for the achievable and not the impossible? If the sky is the limit as they say, why are we then merely trying to reach for the highest achievable mountain? Why are we not breaking out into an impossible universe where realism has no say in it?

“A worthy failure is more valuable than a mediocre success.” –  Why have we grow to become so afraid of not being able to make our dreams a reality? Shouldn’t the point of having a dream be a propelling force towards an uncertain future of endless possibilities? Why did a dream turn into a measurable goal, one that is achievable and not impossible? Why have we become people of such short-sightedness?

“The illusion of certainty” – The illusion of thinking that we know where our fullest potential lies, when we don’t. We become so certain of what we can achieve and what we cannot, setting a cap on our potential. We reach for the achievable and stop going for the impossible.

“Impossible” is a word for those who are afraid to dream big.

We don’t necessarily need know where our potential is, because we’ll never know. We only need to have a mindset to work towards achieving it and hopefully achieve it one day, instead of setting a forceful limit to what we think we can achieve and stop there once we’ve achieved it, when the sad truth is, we haven’t.

I feel that the people I know, including myself(sadly..), have become such small dreamers that these dreams become goals and not dreams anymore. I would really hope that one day, I, along with my friends, my generation of people, will become the generation that dream big, and achieve more than we think we can.

To end of the note, a reminder to myself, and to anyone who reads this,

“Why set a limit to the unlimited?”

Why not write a note to yourself? Inconvenient as it may be, but I can vouch the effectiveness to help you find back your direction in life. I’m awaiting to open the letter I wrote back in 2012 to myself, to be opened in 2022. Although I have forgotten much of the content, I do hope in 7 years time when I read it, I will re-think where I am in life and ask myself why have I not gotten to where I wanted to be 10 years ago, and how I can get back on track, if I do go off track!

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