“Time is money” – Is it really?

They say “Time is money”, but I beg to differ. Time is only money when it is being used wisely to build up your value. Although this value may or may not show immediate results in monetary terms, but I believe that it is essential that we are able to IDENTIFY and DISTINGUISH whether or not the time spent performing certain activities is enriching us or not.

A sad fact I notice is that most people aren’t able to distinguish or realise that the activities they are engaged in most of the time aren’t even close to adding value to themselves or towards their goal. While saying this, I’m not suggesting that it’s wrong to rest and take time off to enjoy. I believe that can be a really enriching experience as well! As long as we get back to working towards our goals after the break at full capacity! It’s just like a saw, it blunts with too much use and you need to sharpen it every once in awhile(rest) so that it’s back in full efficiency.

Many people do not have a clear definite goal to work towards, and accept what life gives to them. I feel that even if the goal/dream sounds unachievable, at least there’s a direction you can work towards. And even if you decide not to pursue it halfway, you would’ve picked up many learning lessons along the way. Some of these skills are transferable and will definitely aid you towards achieving your next or other goal – At least there is some form of progress!
Also, if you’re certain you can achieve your dream, then there’s no challenge to push yourself to gain the necessary skills anymore and you end up stagnating! I love the quote “Keep your goals out of reach but not out of sight”, and I live by that. Instead of taking a giant leap, I would prefer to take smaller steps to build up the confidence first.

The ability to convert time into money is by far one of the most important skills to pick up. If you’re not using time, your finite resource, in a meaningful way to pick up a new skill or improve your chances of making money, then it’s not just time wasted, but opportunities decayed! If you don’t have the necessary skills to take advantage of the opportunity when it comes, the opportunity will go to the next most prepared person. You never want to be caught unprepared when the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for comes your way. It will come, but are you putting yourself in the path of the opportunity, ready to grab it?

Do you want to find yourself in a situation where you have to miss the opportunity of your lifetime? What are you doing today that the future you will thank you for? 


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