Ladies, which side of the queue is your Man in?


Can you spot the difference? Just regular ATM machines outside of a bank. I didn’t either initially, but this sparked off a chain of thought in me. While I was queuing up waiting for my turn to deposit some money, I noticed a teenager waving his debit card at his friends seemingly trying to impress the girl, or at least that’s what I thought.

This caught my attention, but what struck me more was the realisation that he was on the queue to withdraw while I was on the queue to deposit. I thought about it for awhile, “Why is the girl impressed with a guy withdrawing money rather than depositing money?” While we’re young, it seems cool to go to the ATM to withdraw and flash the cash to impress. But I thought about it, when I’m older, wouldn’t it be more impressive if I constantly went to the ATM to deposit instead of withdrawing?

Financial security – Something most youths haven’t even thought about. Let alone some of the working adults. If they are still constantly going to the ATM to queue on the ‘ATM’ instead of the ‘Cash Deposit’ side, and very proud of it, it’s a red flag for me. I am acutely aware that I’m threading on thin ice, but wouldn’t it be good food for thought over the weekends? I would love to hear your comments!

So Ladies, which side of the queue is your Man in?


5 thoughts on “Ladies, which side of the queue is your Man in?

  1. Interesting.

    Deposit is generally a virtue more than withdrawing but i guess we can’t quickly take the conclusion that withdrawing via atm is a negative connotation. At least for me, i usually deposit money via the queue inside the bank and only uses the atm to withdraw.

    Lucky you didn’t caught me waving there 😉


  2. (Tongue in cheek) Unfortunately, i only ever go to ATMs to withdraw money. Most times, deposits are done electronically, as are salary credits.
    Unfortunately, i can agree that people are more impressed with big spenders (as opposed to big bank accounts), because 1 is easily visible, and 1 is not. Easier for ladies to witness spending power than ‘banking’ power!


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