Don’t Start With A Plan

“One cup of large Thai Green Milk Tea” was all it took for me to start rolling on my bed for the next 4 hours, all the way until 3am with neurons blasting through my brain creating all sorts of thoughts, yet with such serenity and clarity! I might actually be crazy enough to begin doing that more frequently just so that I have time to think with such concentration and clarity.

In that 4 hours, I thought about issues I’m facing more than I have all week long. In that short span of 4 hours, I could rationalise major decisions that I have unknowingly put on hold. Came up with ideas, solved challenging issues that I am going to face in the near future and even found some orientation in my life.

But that’s not really the point of this post, I just really wanted to share about my two cents on planning for our future. I realised how much importance the society and schools have placed on us to find our purpose and have a plan for our future. But over the past few months, I have encountered so many instances where my life changed its bearing not from my planning at all. This was something that went through my head in that 4h as the different scenes of my life flashed and made all the sense that I needed! I felt so much wiser when I woke up haha!


We’ve been so accustomed to plan thoroughly before we engage in any activity to ensure success that sometimes we get daunted by the task at hand and give up almost instantly without even trying. I think this happens too often with our lives without us realising it. We never bothered trying something that seemed too difficult. The bigger we dream, the easier it is to keep it as a dream than make it a reality. Since most people let their dreams die, why should we feel guilty for letting ours die as well? The people around us would understand anyway. Along with the dream that died, you probably died as well.

By giving up our dreams, we unconsciously volunteer to lead a less than full life. That’s why I have decided to take a step at a time and not be too concerned with the nitty gritty details of my plan and start working on it anyway. I have decided to walk in the general direction of where my dream is and allow for “unforeseen circumstances” to happen and I’ll react accordingly. Ludicrous? Perhaps. With the flashes of memories I experienced in that 4h, I’m more than convinced that I should simply start with a step or two and then let the unforeseen circumstances bring me closer towards my dreams.

Also by great chance, I’m reading a book called “Punch Fear in the face, Escape average, Do work that matters. Start.” It’s a great book and I recommend anyone who is keen on rising above mediocrity to read it.


Finally, I end this post with a quote..

Don’t start with a plan. Start with a purpose.

He who has a strong enough why can bear almost any how. –¬†Friedrich Nietzsche



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