Finally! New Financial Education Portal

Have you ever reach a point in your life where you ask yourself “How did I get here?” in a good way? Sometimes things just happen and when you add up the thousands of small steps, you find yourself in some place totally unexpected. This happened to me, and I’m grateful to find myself in such a situation.

The Story

So it all began when I created this blog to journal down my thoughts and research on companies. I started just slightly more than a year ago without expecting much. But while I took these small steps, making one post at a time, I began to open myself up to many opportunities because the people around me knew what I was doing and passionate about. It’s surprising how little people put themselves out there, to share about what they like. But that aside, my now Partner, Kenny, approached me and offered me a proposition. It was everything I wanted! And when I gave deliberate thought to the plans, I knew that it was the opportunity I had been praying for. They say when opportunity comes, you grab it. And I did just that!

Luck can only play a part so much, the rest boils down to hard work, determination, a can-do attitude driven by a burning desire. To have opportunity is one thing, but to make the opportunity into a reality is a whole new thing. (I swear reading those self-help books helped me a lot to prepare for this.)

After our first meeting, we started meeting every weekend to further refine the plan work on the idea and got to know each other better. So fast forwarding this bromance (because nobody wants to hear it), almost 3 months have passed and we’re finally seeing some tangible progress! Who knew how much could be done in 3 months (Over just the weekends for execution) until one actually puts himself in the grind?

And The Child Is Born.


We started our very own financial education portal, The Little Snowball(Go ahead and click it, it’ll open a new tab). When existing websites can’t offer what you want, I guess you’ll just have to make one yourself. We (Me and Kenny) are very excited to see what this can truly become, and we’re pushing our asses off to make this work!

Apart articles from the genres of Personal Finance, we have thrown in a corner where we put up our own research (Kenny is really good at this, you must see the work he comes up with!), a corner where you could ask us Ask TLS
ANYTHING related to finance/investment and we’ll tailor the answer just for you! (There’s one article already up as part of our trial) It is really a reader-generated content because it won’t work unless we receive questions from you. So please send them in!

Not only that, we’ve built-in a financial library just to make your learning easier because you wouldn’t have to go all over the place to find some un-standardised format of what is RoA and what is RoE.

We’re really proud of what we’ve come up with and all we ask is for you to take a look at what our months of planning and weekends burnt have resulted in! 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Head over to The Little Snowball now and read ‘About Us’ to get to know about Kenny! (But I should warn you, we’re quite a ctrl+c and a ctrl+v) I know you’re curious about the name The Little Snowball as well, we’ve written about it in our Maiden Post

Thanks for reading!

With love,

Aloysius Lee (Co-Founder of The Little Snowball)


2 thoughts on “Finally! New Financial Education Portal

  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Aloysius. That’s great news. Congrats to your new venture. May the rest of your life be the best of your life.
    May I offer one piece of unsolicited advice? Under your course description do not over-promise. Maybe you could add in “over the long term” after your 8% per annum. During a bull-market like the last few years in the USA (forget about Singapore for the time being) 8% or even 20% are achievable in a good year. But not really during a bad year.
    Why do you limit yourself to 15% – 20%? Why not 25%?
    Be careful not to send the wrong message and by that raising the wrong expectations to the beginners/novice. Disappointed customers are bad for the long-term health of your venture. If you know what I mean.
    By the way double-check your link in the post above. It does not seem to work.


    1. Hi Tacomob,
      Thank you so much! It was quite a leap of faith for me, stepping out of my comfort zone and back into the learning zone. I’ve updated the hyperlink, thanks for raising it up!

      I’ll keep in mind of that to give disclaimer when doing the presentation! I don’t want to overpromise and underdeliver as well. Since the track record and the 15-point checklist was formulated by my partner, i’ll leave him to answer your question!

      “15-20% is my own belief. 25% is really very hard to achieve consistently in this kind of environment.”

      Your well-intended advices I will keep them close to my heart. Thank you for the kind advices. So much learning to do haha! It’s getting me so excited!


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