Top 5 Articles from The Little Snowball

1. Timeless Guide To Fattening Your Wallet

Have you ever wished to find a timeless guide to fattening your wallet? Here’s 7 lessons from 5000 years ago that is still extremely applicable today and anyone can use it. Having recently finished reading ‘The Richest Man In Babylon‘, I can’t help but to recommend this book to those around me. What’s surprising is even after 5000 years, we still don’t learn. I can only hope to propagate this message as far and wide as I can so that others may benefit from it! Without further ado, here is the Timeless Guide To Fattening Your Wallet.

2.  Start Seeing Your Opportunity Costs

There is always an opportunity cost, but have we ever sat down to consider the alternatives available to us? Have we been giving up too much for too little? There is no one-stop solution to finding what the better alternative is as it differs from people to people based on the skills and opportunity that they possess. But the gist of it is to take a really good look at the options you have – Which many of us don’t really bother looking and take what people offer us.

3.  5 Reasons Why I Chose Investing As A Career

When I was still studying in secondary school, I often wondered how come and felt it unfair that while most individuals earn $20,000-$50,000 a year; there were some individuals whom earn millions if not billions a year. All of them had 24 hours a day, were extremely hardworking, made their money through ethical means, so what was the difference? The difference was the nature of their career; this brings me to the 5 reasons why I chose Investing as a career.

4. How Should I Divide Up My Income?

A portion where readers asks any question and we answer! Tailor-made to suit his/her needs.

5. My Bull Case For Riverstone (AP4) Part 1

In-depth research for those who are interested in Riverstone.


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Articles from The Little Snowball

  1. I have tried reading The Richest Man In Babylon but it was written in a very old English style which make it hard for me to appreciate 😦

    Anyway, the new theme looks pretty good! And what is The Little Showball about?


    1. Hi GV!

      Yeah, I get what THOU mean.. Hahaha! It does take a little bit of getting used to, but it’s really worth it!

      Hehe thanks! The Little Snowball is actually a more focused version than this current blog, it provides articles for Personal Finance and Analyses. It’s a collaborative effort between me and my friend to create such a financial website. Show us your love and support! 😀


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