Twenty Fifteen. A Retrospect

As we approach the end of the year, I feel that it’s important that we look back and re-live the moments that have transpired over the year. It’s the time of the year to re-celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes that we have committed. Personally, 2015 has been an incredible year for me, I’ve accomplished quite a bit in my personal life this year and I want to make this the minimum benchmark for the years ahead!

January: Completed my Airborne course and received my wings. This was the month that I learnt to face fear in the face and overcome it! Through the course, I also learnt what it meant to trust in my training and have trust in my parachute on my first live jump task. Although I’ve never seen the parachute deploy before, I was supposed to trust that it would open after I jump out of the plane from 1000 ft in the sky. Never trusted anything with my life, and this was my first. Through this, I learnt “TRUST“.IMG_3733-0

March: I was then attached to my seniors to fight ATEC with them. Nothing could ever prepare me for this. Thus far, the longest distance I’ve walked is my 24km route march from BMT. Mountains after mountains I had to climb, clocking distances of 30 km for each mission. I recall clocking 100 km in a week. I was broken in spirit, utterly shattered, but I found strength to finish what I’ve started. Giving up was not an option, so I took it one step at a time, literally. The journey wasn’t easy but looking back, it changed me. This month, I learnt what “GRIT” meant, and now I know that I have it in me.

Taiwan mountains

May: I finally got a taste of the Bruneian jungles. Tree ROOTS, as tall as me. I never felt so small before, but I knew within me was a bigger man after I conquered the ravines and ridges. Mt. Biang taught me to not look at how far away my goal is, but to just keep climbing. I will get there eventually. I learnt to never trust map distances. “100m more”, but I was still 2h away from my destination. Brunei taught me that it’s better to take the route less travelled and find the tools I need along the way. I learnt the word “DENIAL“first-hand when I had to put on my wet shirt and socks the first thing in the morning. (With the fear of possible foot rot)

What our feet look like most of the time..


June: The moment we’ve been talking about from the day we enlisted into Commando. Our 72km route march. I think most of us recall after our 24km route march in BMT that “This is only 1/3 of the journey for 72km but I’m already this shagged out?!” As much as we had dreaded starting the journey, knowing it wouldn’t end any time soon, we started anyway. After all the ass-dragging, abrasion rubbing, sleepwalking, we made it! The red beret was SECURED! Not everyone knows what it feels like to have to fight so hard for a beret, but to those who do, cheers! We learnt what it meant to be “DETERMINED” to get what we want, and get it!

Red beret
More of us here: (Yes, we’re lucky to be the batch that was filmed by Channel News Asia!)

September: The seed of The Little Snowball (TLS) was sown. The two co-founders met for the first time, properly. So much work to be done as we looked into the foreseeable future for TLS. Filled with excitement and enthusiasm, we forged ahead. Weekends were filled with meetings but it was always a great time because I knew I was part of something bigger than myself. This month I embraced “AMBITION” and instead of dreaming about it, begin living it out.


October: The groundwork for the establishment of TLS is in works! The plethora of things I had to learn from scratch unrelated to whatever I’ve learnt before is amazing. With each challenge that came my way, I knew I had to overcome it no matter what. I was a learning machine, I absorbed everything I had to know to make it work. I was put through an emotional roller coaster when the website crashed after I changed some settings, just a few days before the launch. Thankfully, disaster averted after I found the solution. Through “STRUGGLE“, I grew. Looking back it was but a fleeting moment, but the experience follows me for a lifetime.


December: TLS is set to go! TLS first met the face of internet on 1 Dec 2015. So much joy to be found in seeing the fruits of our labour. Months of work, showing it’s first sign of life! This month, I picked up “GRATEFULNESS” as I look back at the opportunities that came my way this year.



Here’s what TLS has become today! (Click on the banner to open a new tab)

TLS Banner



As we approach 2016, I’m thankful for the experiences I have gathered this year. Approaching the new year with a heart of gratitude, I am quietly excited for 2016! Greater things have yet to come!


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