Here’s Your Opportunity To Build Your Edge!

Everyday is the same, you have 24 hours. Since everyone has the same number of hours, why do some succeed more than others? We have 8 hours to rest, 8 hours to work, but that final 8 hours is where it all matters. What you do in that 8 hours defines your success. But, how often is it spent mindlessly surfing YouTube or watching dramas that add no value to us? Instead of an 8/8/8 cycle, has it become a 8 hours work and 16 hours rest cycle?

You have a very real opportunity every day to build your edge, but are you taking it? Your colleague needs his/her rest as well and works the same hour as you do. But have you ever looked into what they are doing during their private time? While you are catching your favourite drama, your colleague could be learning something on coursera to improve himself everyday. While you are mindlessly surfing YouTube, he is reading a book to improve himself. It adds up, it really does.

I’m starting to become very conscious of how I spend my personal 8 hours. We’re given so much liberty of how we spend it that we take it for granted. This year, I make a conscious effort of how I want to spend my 8 hours. Although I haven’t found things to do to fully utilise all 8 hours yet, I have been putting aside 1 hour each day to reading. It’s a small start, but it adds up! I still have 7 hours to do whatever I want, and I can’t wait to find a worthy cause for my time!

Time to start thinking seriously what our time is truly worth! Do you want to waste your most precious asset (Time), in exchange for nothing, or something? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather get something than nothing! It’s the things that people don’t see that truly matters!


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