How I Got My M.BA For Free

Yup, I did. Technically. I got my M.BA for free. I thought it would make for an interesting post, so I’ll share how it all came about! Someone reading this might just benefit from this post as well! (I’m hoping it’s you!)

Instead of visiting relatives on this festive season, here I am, scrolling through my Facebook. While I’m getting lesser red packet, I felt that I found something more valuable on social media! I came across this article:

A former Goldman Sachs employee has condensed an entire MBA into one online course

And for some reason, I clicked it. (Their marketing worked!) But I wasn’t disappointed by what I found.


Naturally seeing how it was so value for money, I didn’t think twice before buying it. (Okay maybe I did, but for 15 seconds.) When I saw how I could pay by PayPal, something hit me immediately. My Paypal has always been used to purchase items I wanted like clothings, books, etc. The best part of it all, I had never deposited a single dollar.

My Paypal account till date has gained S$185 (S$205 actually, I just redeemed another $20 today.)


I’ve been doing online surveys every now and then during my weekends and collecting points, then redeeming them for cash via Paypal! If you want to be part of this you can use my referral link by clicking here!

Now back to the point, seeing how the M.BA only costs me $28, I thought it was too good of a deal to miss since I never really had to work to pay for it anyway. See that $60 payment? That was from just one survey. I was shocked I even qualified for the survey as well! But you never know when it’s your lucky day.

So yes, this is how I managed to purchase my M.BA for free (in a sense).


I can’t wait to get started on it! There are 48 lectures and 15 quizzes, and the best part of it all, this course never expires. I can always go back to it whenever I want!

Here’s the Course outline:

  • Section: 1 – Introduction & Class #1: Launching a New Company
  • Section: 2 – Class #2: Business Presentations: Use These Tips & Watch Your Sales Take-off!
  • Section: 3 – Class #3: Venture Capital (VC) Part 1: How to Raise Money
  • Section: 4 – Class #4: VC Part 2: Security/Legal Structures to Protect You + Make You More $
  • Section: 5 – Class #5: Investor Valuation Topics & Dilution. Importance of Contracts
  • Section: 6 – Class #6: Financial Analysis
  • Section: 7 – Class #7: Managing Cash Flow
  • Section: 8 – Class #8: Financial Capital and Securities Law
  • Section: 9 – Class #9: Projecting Financial Statements
  • Section: 10 – Class #10: Due Diligence and Data Sources
  • Section: 11 – Class #11: Modeling and Valuation
  • Section: 12 – Class #12: Initial Public Offering (IPO) and Valuation
  • Section: 13 – Class #13: Management Analytical Frameworks
  • Section: 14 – Class #14: Alternatives and Turnarounds
  • Section: 15 – Class #15: Crucial Leftover Content / Goal Setting Workshop / Closing Remarks

For just $28 I’m getting insane value out of all this! Who knows, I could be taking my M.BA in the future and this might just help me out! Ratings have been extremely positive, 44 5-star reviews and they are all saying that it’s very easy to understand with relevant industry in-sights! I really can’t wait to begin!

Just a disclaimer, nobody paid me anything to write this post (I wish they would though). But ya, here’s how I got my M.BA for free. I believe this promotion is available until the end of the month. So grab them while you can!



3 thoughts on “How I Got My M.BA For Free

  1. Eh… mental accounting? It’s not really free since you have to pay for the course. I’m only looking at the course outline, but I took some courses on Coursera that seems to cover those topics. Corporate finance and global markets. Let us know how the course works out for you 😀


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