2017 Theme – Storytelling

A month has already gone by in 2017. We are left with 11 months to achieve what we have set out to achieve for the year. How many of us are still keeping to our new year’s resolutions?  What’s your theme for the year? Mine isn’t about losing weight or having a 5.0 GPA in school, but it’s about expanding my comfort zone. If I do this year after year, how big will my comfort zone be in 20 years!

My 2017 theme is focused on becoming a better storyteller. 

Upon reflection, I have come to realise that I’ve been a person who is only good at showing how things get done, but never very good at explaining how things get done. Not sure if I’m the only one facing this problem, but things are going to change this year and I’m excited!

A quick reflection over January, since my last post on How Resolute Are You On Your Resolutions?, I mentioned I bought a book that revolves around my 2016 theme of effective communication. My theme for 2017 for me really is an extension of my 2016 theme. Over the past month of reading and taking up online courses on Lynda (LinkedIn Learning), I’ve learnt that effective public speaking is about creating a story. I have done well over the past year creating a more coherent thought flow when I speak, but I never worked on storytelling! (Thus 2017’s theme!)

I’ve always thought I was done with storytelling after the age of 5 with my bedtime stories. Who knew it was such a powerful tool even for businesses and public speaking! Having always been on the receiving end of a storytelling, I’ve never practiced telling any story. Not ever. I can’t even tell you the story of Little Red Riding Hood or Robin Hood. I’ve never been a fan of reading only until 3 years ago! It’s funny how I took Pure Literature in secondary school and didn’t even finish reading the book when I took my O levels for it and somehow still made it through haha!

This year, I want to change that. I want to start reading fiction books, and I’m starting from ground ZERO. We’re going to go back all the way to 1999 to win back lost time – when I’m 5. Probably starting with Little Red Riding Hood, then Robin Hood and see what else I can find. (Suggestions? Hahaha) Maybe I could even volunteer my time to telling stories when I become better at it!

I still have a very long way to go, 18 years of catching up actually! I am still learning and growing so much with every week and I really can’t wait to see how much I have progressed at the end of 2017! Hope your progress for 2017 has been well!




2 thoughts on “2017 Theme – Storytelling

  1. This article itself is bad story telling! LOL 🙂 There’s no emotional tug, neither is the form refreshing. Try putting the same message across with more emotes, or using a poem? haha


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