Books Sharing

I created this section as a place to share/trade books/ebooks with fellow readers like yourself who may have books that I’m looking for or have, to suggest and share with me!

In exchange, I am offering my books up for grabs! (They are in PDF form)

Please leave a comment if you have any books to suggest to me! Or alternatively, email me at

Books I’m Looking For:

The Will To WinDrivenThe Young Millionaires

The millionaire in youFail Fast Fail OftenThe Templeton PlanThe Intelligent Asset AllocatorThe Outsiders

If you have any books by Napoleon Hill or any books you think is worth sharing, please share it with me!

Books I Have:


IMG_4220Law of SuccessIMG_4221



2 thoughts on “Books Sharing

  1. Hi aloypro,
    I do have few additional Napoleon Hill books in pdf as well as in audio-book format.
    Kindly drop me an E-mail (have not found your e-mail address here) and we can discuss the manner of how to exchange files.


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