Sale of UMS

So today I have decided to sell off UMS, not that there was much of a fundamental change since the last time I took a look at it, but simply because after learning more about value investing, I decided that UMS having a large portion of their revenue coming from AMAT would not be a … More Sale of UMS

In-depth review of UMS

It’s finally book-out day! I’m really glad to finally have the time to sit down and research and review my purchase of UMS. Basically, UMS is a┬áprecision engineering group which specializes in manufacturing high precision front-end semiconductor components and perform complex electromechanical assembly and final testing services. Included in our core business is the production … More In-depth review of UMS

Update on UMS

So in the end, I managed to grab UMS at 0.520 at market open. The gap up continued and I’m hoping that through the week, it’ll go for TP2 of 0.555 and eventually to 0.58! Seeing UMS gap up 0.015 was something that I didn’t anticipate. Initially I thought that I would probably get it … More Update on UMS